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This is Joyjawear

Joy and Jasmin.
Owners of JOYJA TRAINING, former competitive athletes and team coaches. Leggings have been part of our everyday lives for decades. But we've never found the perfect ones. So we made them ourselves. the perfect fit is the result.
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Our vision is activewear that you forget when you wear it. Comfort and quality are our top priorities. 

We attach great importance to high-quality material that is comfortable and functional. For ecological reasons, JOYJAWEAR is produced in Europe. Although the entire manufacturing process is more expensive, it is transparent and fair. 

Many leggings you have seen so far are mass-produced. The fabric is purchased ready-made and then sewn together by machine. This results in practically identical leggings, on which a different logo is then simply printed. 

The fabric for the perfect fit, on the other hand, is produced separately for each individual pair of leggings. This allows individual compression inserts to be knitted in, which then provide support in exactly the desired areas. The seams are extra fine so that they do not cut in at any point or interrupt the line of your body. All our pants are sewn together individually by hand and then finished with a high-quality print in Switzerland. 


Even after frequent use and many washes, the perfect fit is still as beautiful and tight as on the first day. Loosening or pilling? Not an issue with the perfect fit.

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